Statement on UN Security Council Resolution 2728 (2024) on Gaza Ceasefire

Los Angeles, California — The Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN) is alarmed by the United Nations Security Council’s adoption of Resolution 2728 (2024), which calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. This resolution undermines the efforts of Israel to protect its citizens, secure the release of over 130 hostages held by Hamas, and defend itself against a relentless terrorist onslaught.

At this critical juncture, the international community must prioritize support for the dismantling of Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure and the safe return of all hostages. An immediate ceasefire, as demanded by the resolution, only serves to embolden Hamas and compromise Israel’s security and sovereignty.

In light of this, we are especially troubled by the U.S.’s decision to abstain from the vote on Resolution 2728. This move may incorrectly signal to the rest of the world that America is wavering in its support for Israel’s right to self-defense. We urge the Administration to maintain a clear and strong stance in supporting Israel’s security and defense.

We call on the United Nations and the international community to carefully evaluate the implications of this resolution and to support measures that ensure the long-term security and stability of the region. True peace can only be achieved by decisively confronting the threats posed by terrorist entities such as Hamas. Any hesitation or compromise in the face of terrorism endangers not only the future of Israel but also the stability of the entire region and the global community.