ICAN Praises Arizona Legislature for Unanimous Adoption of Resolution Supporting Israeli-Americans & Israel

ICAN Praises Arizona Legislature for Unanimous Adoption of Resolution Supporting Israeli-Americans & Israel

January 10, 2024

The Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN) expresses its deep appreciation to the Arizona legislature for its unanimous passage of House Concurrent Resolution 2009. This resolution, which affirms Arizona’s commitment to the peace, security, and survival of the State of Israel, resonates with the values of our community, particularly in its recognition of the challenges faced by Israeli-Americans and American Jewish communities.

“ICAN commends the Arizona Legislature for House Concurrent Resolution 2009, which not only stands with Israel in its fight against terrorism but also recognizes the significant role and challenges faced by the Israeli-American community in Arizona,” said Robert Mayer, ICAN National Co-chair. “As an organization dedicated to representing Israeli-Americans, we see this resolution as a crucial acknowledgment of our community’s contributions and the need for its protection, especially in times of global conflict.”

Key Elements of the Resolution:

  1. Recognition of Israeli-American Community: Arizona acknowledges the Israeli-American community’s contributions and emphasizes the need to protect them, along with Jewish Americans, from acts of crime and discrimination.
  2. Strong Stance Against Terrorism: The resolution condemns the terrorist actions of Hamas, highlighting the attack on October 7, 2023, which caused tragic loss of life.
  3. Support for Israel’s Self-Defense: It upholds Israel’s right to defend itself and to act against terrorism, emphasizing the state’s right to pursue the elimination of Hamas.
  4. Expression of Solidarity with Israel: The resolution expresses solidarity with Israel during its time of hardship, extending condolences to the families of Israeli victims.
  5. Advocacy for U.S. Support: The resolution supports the United States providing assistance to Israel in its defense against terrorism.

Continuing to build upon a fruitful partnership, ICAN also recognizes the robust relationship between Arizona and Israel, reflected in the thriving economic and technological exchanges that have developed over the years.

Key achievements highlighting the Arizona-Israel partnership include:

  • Economic Performance and Trade: Arizona’s pro-business environment and innovation ecosystem have attracted numerous Israel-based companies, contributing to the state’s recognition as a top location for business and economic performance. The Arizona Commerce Authority emphasizes this strategic cross-border relationship, which has led to collaborative programs aimed at enhancing global competitiveness.
  • Focus on Innovation and Technology: With mutual interests in sectors like water technology, agriculture, cybersecurity, and autonomous vehicles, both Arizona and Israel have been working closely to share knowledge and resources. Arizona’s growing tech scene has become a hub for Israeli companies establishing bases in the United States.
  • Cultural and Academic Exchange: The exchange goes beyond economics, with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey leading delegations to Israel to explore historical sites, while also focusing on business development and water technology—areas where Israel is a global leader. Arizona has also adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism and mandated Holocaust education, further demonstrating the cultural and educational bonds between the two regions.
  • Environmental Cooperation: Arizona and Israel share arid climates, prompting joint interests in agri-tech innovations. Israeli expertise in water preservation and desalination is particularly relevant to Arizona’s future water security challenges.

ICAN applauds the State of Arizona for its forward-thinking approach to international relations and its commitment to fostering a special relationship with Israel. “The Israeli-American community in Arizona has been instrumental in advancing these ties, showcasing the powerful synergy between shared values and economic interests,” added Mayer. “We are inspired by the achievements of this partnership and are confident in its continued growth and success.”

ICAN is committed to continuing our work in support of peace and security for Israeli-Americans, and we appreciate Arizona’s recognition of these efforts. This resolution strengthens the bond between Arizona, the United States, and Israel, a relationship that is vital for mutual peace, security, and prosperity.

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