ICAN Applauds New Jersey Resolution Celebrating the Israeli-American Community and Strong Relationship with Israel

ICAN Applauds New Jersey Resolution Celebrating the Israeli-American Community and Strong Relationship with Israel

January 10, 2024

The Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN) strongly supports New Jersey Senate Resolution No. 30, sponsored by Senator Robert W. Singer and Senator James Beach. This resolution is a significant acknowledgment of the deep and enduring ties between New Jersey and Israel, and it highlights the invaluable contributions of the Israeli-American community to the State of New Jersey and the United States at large.

“ICAN thanks Senators Robert W. Singer and James Beach for sponsoring Senate Resolution No. 30,” said Robert Mayer, ICAN National Co-chair. “This resolution is an important recognition of our Israeli-American community’s contributions in New Jersey. It also reflects the strong and beneficial relationship between New Jersey and Israel and we are proud of the role that Israeli-Americans play in enhancing the state’s diverse culture and strong economy.”

Key Points of the Resolution:

  1. Recognition of Israel’s Sovereignty and Contributions: The resolution acknowledges the State of Israel as a sovereign nation whose citizens have enriched the quality of life in New Jersey and across America.
  2. Shared Values and Interests: It emphasizes the special relationship between the United States and Israel, rooted in shared national security interests, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.
  3. Economic and Cultural Ties: The bond between New Jersey and Israel, strengthened by cultural, economic, academic, and research and development exchanges, is rightfully noted for its material contributions to the well-being of New Jerseyans.
  4. New Jersey-Israel Commission: The resolution also commemorates the establishment of the New Jersey-Israel Commission in 1989, which has been instrumental in fostering and furthering ties across various sectors.
  5. Israeli-American Community’s Contributions: Importantly, the resolution pays tribute to the Israeli-American community’s significant innovations and skills, which have greatly enhanced economic prosperity and quality of life in New Jersey and the United States.

“In 2021, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, New Jersey’s trade with Israel reached a remarkable $1.55 billion,” added Mayer. “This is a testament to the resilient and innovative spirit of the Israeli-American community and the proactive engagement strategies of New Jersey’s leadership.”

Furthermore, ICAN recognizes the continued efforts to deepen the bilateral ties between New Jersey and Israel, which have yielded substantial benefits for both regions.

  • Expanding Economic Development: The New Jersey-Israel Commission has been pivotal in identifying and promoting joint business ventures and capital investments. The collaboration has been particularly notable in the technology and innovation sectors, where Israeli companies have found a receptive and synergistic environment in New Jersey’s robust economy.
  • Advancing Academic Excellence: The partnership between Rutgers and Tel Aviv Universities exemplifies the dynamic academic exchange contributing to global health solutions and shared prosperity. These educational synergies facilitate cutting-edge research and foster a vibrant exchange of knowledge and culture.
  • Cultural Enrichment and Community Engagement: Cultural programs and community engagements between New Jersey and Israel not only celebrate diversity but also create a rich tapestry of shared experiences that benefit the social fabric of both societies.
  • Shared Commitment to Innovation: Initiatives like the BIRD Energy grant funding and the New Jersey-Israel Innovation Partnership Initiative are just two examples of how the two regions have come together to support sustainable development and technological advancements.

ICAN is proud to support Senate Resolution No. 30 and commends New Jersey Senators Singer and Beach for recognizing the importance of these bonds.

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