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California End-of-School-Year Virtual Town Hall

RSVP CLOSED Join us for the California End-of-School-Year Virtual Town Hall, a virtual event focused on advancing Jewish safety and inclusion within schools across the state of California. Hosted by the Israeli-American Civic Action Network (ICAN), this virtual event will bring together invited educational leaders, policymakers, and community advocates for a series of insightful discussions […]


Combating Antisemitism Summit – Massachusetts Schools

Violence and hate incidents targeting Jewish residents of Massachusetts are surging, especially in our K-12 schools, affecting all students, parents, and teachers. While initial efforts are underway at various levels of government to attempt to address these concerns, our leaders need to hear directly from those most affected by this historic rise in hate targeting […]


Celebrate Israel’s Independence with ICAN

Private Location in Beverly Hills Beverly Hills

Learn about ICAN's mission to strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance and how you can make a difference. Hear firsthand from Yoni Asseraf, who recently returned from Gaza, as he shares his compelling stories from the front lines.

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